A Nazi-Loyal Naval Reservist Was Convicted of Storming the Capitol

On Tuesday, a Virginia Navy reservist who glorified Nazis was convicted of participating in a violent riot on January 6. Being a reserve officer of the first class in the United States Navy, Hatchet M. Speed had a top-level security clearance and had been assigned intelligence assignments. Speed entered the Capitol on January 6 after learning then-Vice President Mike Pence had no plans to challenge the certification of the 2020 election, claiming Pence had “sold us out.” “I will enter there. According to prosecutors, Speed stated that day, “I have no respect for the individuals in this building.” “They lack regard for me.” After the violence, Speed, according to prosecutors, purchased guns worth $50,000.

According to court filings, he informed an undercover FBI agent in March 2022 that he believed in using violence to advance antisemitic and antigovernment views. Speed was found guilty of obstructing Congress in addition to four misdemeanors and will be punished on May 8. He was sentenced earlier this year for possessing three unregistered weapon silencers.

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