Amelia Dimonldenberg Disputes Andrew Garfield ‘Affair’ Rumors

Amelia Dimonldenberg, who hosts Chicken Shop Date, has denied that she had an affair with Andrew Garfield.

As they flirted on the red carpet, fans couldn’t help but notice how well they got along.

At the Golden Globes, the two were seen flirting with each other.

Amelia said that she was just being herself and that she and the Spider-Man actor were not in a meaningful relationship.

Andrew Garfield said he was “obsessed” with Amelia on the red carpet. He even asked a reporter what her zodiac sign was. She told him that she was an Aquarius.

Mirror UK says that the Spider-Man actor also said that she had asked him to her birthday party.

The journalist said she was surprised when her chat with the actor went viral on Dua Lipa’s At Your Service podcast.

She said, “That was just woah.”

Amelia said it was like two English people having a good time together.

She said, “I took the interview very seriously,” because it was a big chance.

She said about the interview, “Even with all the prep, you have to get there and just be up for anything.”