Ateez Has Become the Group with the Most Victories on ‘Immortal Songs’

After a stunning show, the K-pop group Ateez has become the group with the most wins on Immortal Songs. The show’s most recent episode, which played on June 17, was a special tribute to “Heroes in Uniform.”

Several idol groups, like Ateez, THE NEW SIX (TNX), La Poem, and Min Woohyuk, fought in the episode to win the prestigious series. Before this show, Ateez had already won three times, which is a big deal.

They used Yoo Jungseok’s “Highway in the Gale” as the cover, with each member wearing a different outfit. After the amazing performance, it was no surprise that they won the show for the fourth time, making them the K-pop group with the most wins since the show began in 2012.

They won their first competition on August 29, 2020, with a great version of Black Cat Nero by Turbo. This led to them working with Kim Jong-kook on a Halloween special.

Their second win came in February 2021, when they sang “It’s Raining” by Rain. Their third win came in May 2021, when they sang “Right Now” by PSY, the famous singer of “Gangnam Style.” PSY had nothing but good things to say about the group.