Chrissy Teigen Responds to Parenting Trolls

Chrissy Teigen responds to negative comments on social media regarding her Italy trip photo.

Over the weekend, the 37-year-old author of the Cravings cookbook shared an affectionate photo of herself strolling with her husband John Legend, who was carrying the couple’s third child, Esti, in a baby carrier.

Teigen shared the picture on Instagram with a heartwarming anecdote from a past trip to the nation. Adventurous childless couple embarks on a thrilling journey in 2007.

In her statement, she mentioned a fashion store and reminisced about wearing a single faux fur hat from Urban Outfitters during the frigid winter season, which left a lasting impression on John.

We used the water bus for transportation and explored the alleys, displaying affection like a pair of enamored individuals who never imagined having children. John likely had prior knowledge.

The heartwarming tale faced backlash online due to scrutiny over the infant’s placement in proximity to John’s torso.

One commenter suggested that the proper way to wear the carrier should be determined.

Teigen shuts down criticism and defends her comfort level: “‘Right’ is how she feels.”

The mother of three stated that her daughter prefers a looser hairstyle and enjoys being able to look around and see her father.

Teigen reaffirmed that their child is secure and content.

Teigen’s fans lauded the charming photo and narrative, acknowledging that parents judge their children’s preferences best.

On January 13, Teigen and John welcomed their newborn baby, Esti. They have two children, Luna (6) and Miles (4), whom they share.