George Santos Confesses to Being a “Terrible Liar”

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) admitted in a recent interview with conservative commentator Piers Morgan on Monday that he did not believe he had always been homosexual. “My life has not always been straightforward,” said Santos, adding that his prior marriage to a woman was a “personal, private, and tangled” portion of his life.

Santos also told Piers Morgan he was a “bad liar.” Uncensored in response to the reporter’s inquiry about whether he was willing to acknowledge exactly that. Santos told Morgan, “I’ve been a terrible liar on those things, and I attempted to express to the American people that I made mistakes.” The freshman representative allegedly attributed his deception to “being accepted by the local party.” Following his exposure as a serial liar, Santos appears to be perpetually embroiled in controversies, some of which have placed him in legal problems as the target of various state and federal investigations.