GloRilla Concert Stampede Kills Third Victim

Sunday evening’s catastrophic crowd crush at a GloRilla concert in Rochester, New York, claimed the life of a third individual. Aisha Stephens, 35 years old, passed away on Wednesday evening, three days after the horrific stampede.

Rhondesia Belton, 33, and Brandy Miller, 35, both of Rochester, died in the stampede for the exits of the Rochester Main Street Armory following the performance. The stampede may have been caused by unnecessary panic and hysteria in response to reports of shooting, according to the police. On Wednesday, the city revoked the venue’s license, thus closing it for the foreseeable future; police, fire, and regulatory investigations are ongoing.

On Monday, Mayor Malik Evans of Rochester called the event “It’s a tragedy of epic proportions.” He added, “It affects all of us who like music. You don’t expect to be crushed when you go to a concert. When you get home, your family and friends will want to hear about that great concert you attended.”