Halle Berry’s Nude Balcony Boss Mode ‘I Do What I Wanna Do’

Halle Berry showed off her independence by posting an Instagram photo of herself without any clothes on. In an earlier post, the 56-year-old actress shared another picture of herself having a good time. In this picture, she is relaxing on a balcony while drinking wine from a bottle. The mother of two showed off her curvy body and kept her modesty by covering certain parts of her body.

The Oscar-winning actress wrote her 8.3 million fans in the caption, “I do what I want to do.” The director sent her fans a “happy Saturday” message with an emoji of a red-lipped kiss. She has a lot of devoted fans, like actress and singer Halle Bailey, who have given her over 300,000 likes so far. The clapping hands emoji of the star of “The Little Mermaid” also joined the comments.

Last weekend, she put up a similar post in which she posed in a black string bikini. The mother of two stood outside and looked at the ocean while leaning against a glass wall. She wrote “Keeping my spirits up” in the caption as she held a champagne glass. Berry was also busy on April 7, when she kept up her weekly series of posts on the platform about fitness. In the caption, she wrote “Happy #FitnessFriday! Head over to @respin.com to catch what @peterleethomas and I are up to this week!” Since 2018, the celebrity has worked out with the fitness expert. The video was set in her backyard, and Doechii’s song “What It Is” played in the background. She continued in the caption, “Peter rē•spun the fun to a backyard agility workout! What I love about this is anyone can do it. So let’s go, y’all…all you need is a ball, some cones or small objects, and an ab wheel— and of course, a backyard, park, or hallway!”

She has been sharing weekly fitness and diet advice as well as videos of her workouts with Peter on the same social media site.