Jonnie Irwin’s Amazing Efforts to Make a Cozy Home Despite Terminal Cancer

The host of “A Place in the Sun,” Jonnie Irwin, updated his Instagram followers on a big home improvement project.

In November, Jonnie told everyone that he had been diagnosed with cancer that would kill him and that he might only have a few months to live. He also said that doctors didn’t think he would live past 2023.

Most of the TV star’s time, which may be his last, is spent with his family. He is trying to make his last days as comfortable as possible.

Jonnie is married to Jess, and the two of them have three young children together. Newcastle is where the family lives.

Jonnie tells his fans about how he is feeling and what he is doing to fix up his house.

Metro says that Jonnie shared pictures of an amazing living space that had never been used before.

The picture showed a beautiful window view from the room, which looked out onto a refreshing garden.

In the shot, there was a room with a mustard-colored couch, a leather armchair, and a glass coffee table. He added a stove to the extremely stylish furniture.

In one area of the room, it looked like there was a bar, and there were wine glasses on the table.

Jonnie wrote in the post’s description, “Previously a cold virtually unused part of the house has been transformed whilst in keeping with the original 60’s character.”

He also said that this was just the first step of his plans to fix up the house.

The 49-year-old TV host went on to say that the biggest difference is that the south-facing wall is punched to make a nice view of the garden.

Jonnie’s followers have said how much they like improvements. One of your followers said, “Wow. The window looks like art, like a painting.”