Katie Price’s Mom Asks Her to Quit Having So Many Operations

Katie Price’s mother has told her to stop getting plastic surgery or she will end up looking like “the Bride of Frankenstein.” Many people say that the 45-year-old doesn’t look like herself at all.

She started modeling when she was only 16 years old, 30 years ago. Since then, she has had 16 boob jobs, veneers, rhinoplasty, facelifts, and other treatments done on herself.

Amy Price, her 71-year-old mother, says in her upcoming autobiography, The Last Word, that she is scared of the “ridiculous and dangerous” treatments that her daughter has had to go through.

Even though she said that she doesn’t get the treatments to attract men, she has noticed that she tends to get them when she is having trouble in her relationships.

In an excerpt from her book that was published in The Sun, she says, “When most people have an off day or are feeling a bit down, they change the color of their nails or dye their hair, but Kate changes the shape of her body. Over the years, we have all come to accept it as part of Kate’s personality, but we have also seen a pattern emerging — relationship difficulties correlate with an urge to change things on the outside, even though it is her inner thoughts and feelings that need attention.”

She says, “I’ve begun to warn her that if she’s not careful, she will end up looking like the Bride of Frankenstein, but she tells me not to waste my breath.”