Lionel Richie Has Denied Rumors of Plastic Surgery in the Face of Online Trolling

Lionel Richie recently talked about how he stays young. He did this to answer online trolls who said he had plastic surgery to look younger.

After he sang at King Charles III’s wedding, people on the internet didn’t like the Stuck On You singer. People on Twitter said the singer looked “weird and fake” and that he must have had plastic surgery to look young.

One person asked on Twitter, “WTF was his plastic surgeon doing? Training or experimenting with new stuff?”

Richie reacted to rumors that he had plastic surgery by telling Daily Mail that he would never choose it because it can go horribly wrong. “Plastic surgery locks you in for that year for you to recover, and after that, you can’t go naturally; you’re staying right there… You try and go back to reset, and you can’t.”

The singer for Hello said that he works on cardio, drinks a lot of water, and gets a good night’s sleep. He added that he doesn’t eat red meat.

Richie is known to be good friends with King Charles III because they both worked for the old Prince’s Trust. The singer then talked about how they joked about how young he looked. He said that the King had asked him many times what the trick was to stay young, and Richie said that the King should move to Hollywood.