Model Sues Kylie Cosmetics for $120k Over Unpaid Wages

A model called Sasha Palma has sued Kylie Cosmetics, which is owned by Kylie Jenner, for $120,000. She says she wasn’t paid on time when she worked for them three years ago.

In legal papers seen by TMZ, Sasha says that the brand hired her for several photoshoots in 2020, with the first one happening in June of that year. She said that she was hired for a daily rate of $2,000 for the one-day shooting and that she thought she would get paid the following month.

She said in court that the brand didn’t pay her for her work for more than 30 days and had to pay a fine of around $60,000. Then, in August 2020, she did a photoshoot for them, but she didn’t get her $2000 a day payment until 30 days had passed.

So, she wants another punishment of $60,000 from the court because she paid late for the second photoshoot.

She posted about the work she did for the cosmetics business on her Instagram in June 2020 with the caption “NEW CAMPAIGN FOR #kyliecosmetics.”