Pedro Pascal Discusses Using Signature Pose to Manage Anxiety

Pedro Pascal, star of “The Last of Us,” recently explained why he always puts his palm on his chest for publicity shots.

At an event where he was with his “The Last of Us” co-star Bella Ramsey, the actor talked about why he always strikes the same pose.

While taking pictures, actor Bella Ramsey noticed that Pascal often put his left hand on his chest, so she did the same thing. Pedro Pascal then said that he puts his hand where it is because that’s where his nervousness shows up.

He took a deep breath and said, “You know why? It’s because my anxiety is right here,” he said. The young actress just leans in for a hug and nods to show she understands.

As shown by pictures from the Met Gala and other events, Pascal has been doing this pose for a long time. Experts say that Pascal’s approach to his anxiety seems to be a good way to deal with it.

Earlier, it was said that Pedro Pascal will take a break from ‘The Last of Us’ to play in the upcoming Gladiator sequel for Paramount.

No one knows yet what role he will play in the Ridley Scott movie, but the plot will be the same as the original Gladiator, which starred Russell Crowe and Jaoquin Phoenix and won five Oscars, including Best Picture.