Riley Keough ‘Blocked’ Priscilla Presley’s Wish to Be Buried Next to Elvis Presley

Even though Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough settled their lawsuit over the late Lisa Marie Presley’s estate, it seems like they still don’t get along.

On Thursday, May 18, 2023, TMZ reported that sources said Elvis Presley’s ex-wife had asked to be buried next to the King of Rock and Roll at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

But the request was turned down because it wasn’t a good idea, and Priscilla gave up on her request without much talk.

But now, a source has told Woman’s Day magazine that the 34-year-old actor from Daisy Jones & the Six was the one who turned down the request.

The insider said, “From what I’ve heard, Riley was the one who tried to stop Priscilla’s plans to shuffle around Elvis’s and her mother’s grave.”

Several Elvis Presley’s family members, including his parents Gladys and Vernon, are buried at his old home in Memphis, Tennessee.

When his daughter Lisa Marie died this year, she was buried there next to her son Benjamin Keough, who died by suicide at age 27 in 2020.

The source also said that things don’t seem to be going well between the two. “Priscilla can act out happy families as much as she wants, but she can’t control Riley.”

Just two weeks after Lisa Marie’s sudden death in January 2023, Priscilla filed a petition against the 2016 change to her daughter’s will that put Riley Keough in charge. This caused a court dispute. She also said that the will took her and her business boss Barry Siegel off the list of trustees, which was not right.

The fight, which had been going on for months, was finally over. The final deal says that Lisa Marie’s oldest daughter, Riley, will get the money from the musician’s trust. Even though the details of the deal were not made public in court, and both sides plan to file a move to keep the settlement secret, TMZ said that Priscilla was given “millions.”