Sarah Ferguson Appreciates the ‘Support’ After Her Cancer Diagnosis

Sarah Ferguson shared her first social media post after being diagnosed with breast cancer and having surgery to remove it. In it, she thanked fans and friends for their “kindness and support.”

Sarah posted a picture of a flower with the words “Thank you so much for such kindness and support.”

Earlier, Princess Eugenie and Beatrice’s mother said on the most recent episode of her podcast that she had a single mastectomy after a regular check-up showed that she had breast cancer.

She also told people that they should get cancer checks.

In a podcast on Monday that Ferguson taped the day before her surgery, she talked about how important it was to get medical checks. She talked about how her father had died from prostate cancer.

“It’s very important I speak about it. I don’t mind if no one wants to hear from me.”

Sarah’s spokeswoman said that the Duchess was getting better at her home in Windsor, where she and Andrew live.

Even though they got divorced in 1996, they are still good friends.