Taylor Swift’s Brother and Friends Unfollow Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram, but Joe Alwyn still follows his ex-girlfriend. But Swift fans noticed last night that some important people in Swift’s life, like her brother Austin, seem to have stopped following Alwyn after hearing that Swift and Alwyn broke up on April 8.

The news came out a few hours before pictures of Alwyn were shown in public for the first time since the breakup. Yesterday, paparazzi caught him in London. He was on the phone and looked a little tired.

Alwyn was called “forlorn” by the picture agency, which may have been a bit of an exaggeration. But it’s important to note that Alwyn’s first sighting is much less exciting than Swift’s. Last Monday, she was taken a picture of as she went out to dinner with friends in New York City. She looked great and was happy.

Swift’s friends like Gigi Hadid and Abigail Anderson Berard still follow Alwyn on Instagram. But Ryan Reynolds and the three Haim sisters (Este, Alana, and Danielle) no longer follow Alwyn. Alwyn still follows the Instagram pages of Reynolds, Austin Swift, Gigi Hadid, and the Haim sisters.

But Reynolds’ decision to stop following Alwyn is especially interesting because a Twitter user said that Swift had dinner with Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, at Casa Cipriani last night, just before fans noticed Reynolds stopped following Alwyn. After dinner, Swift was also seen getting into a car with Reynolds and Lively.

Several news sources said that Swift and Alwyn’s split was not a big deal. Entertainment Tonight said on April 11 that Swift started the March breakup and hopes her ex does well. When her friends and family stopped following her, it was clear that their six-year romance was over.