Three Women Accuse Sebastian Bear-McClard of Sexual Misconduct

Sebastian Bear-McClard, who makes the TV show Uncut Gems and Good Time and whose divorce from model Emily Ratajkowski made headlines last summer, is accused of sexual misconduct. On Wednesday, Variety published what three women said last August about a legal dispute. Two of the women say the 42-year-old producer did something sexually wrong, and the third says he did “troubling things.”

One of the women, who is now 24, says in her statement that Bear-McClard contacted her on Instagram when she was 17 and then cast her in the 2017 crime thriller Good Time, which was directed by Josh and Benny Safdie. Tatiana Siegel, a reporter, says that the teen didn’t know what her scene would be about when she went to set. “By the time she got to a small room, she was naked and stood in front of Josh and Benny Safdie and about a dozen other male cast and crew members.”

The statement also says that Bear-McClard and the teen started dating soon after the filming of Good Time was done. The age of consent in New York is 17. A spokeswoman for the Safdies said that the brothers’ production company, Elara Pictures, which they started with Bear-McClard and Oscar Boyson in 2014, was in talks with Bear-McClard “Sebastian McClard’s actions were noticed in July 2022. Right away, they did something about it and fired him.”

Variety says that in August, a second woman said that Bear-McClard “groomed” her on Instagram when she was 18 years old, and that when they met in person, he sexually assaulted her. Bear-McClard is said to have followed her for a while with an app on her phone. The statement also claims that Bear-McClard was friends with a 15-year-old girl who visited the Uncut Gems set and sent her Instagram messages. The article doesn’t go into detail about the third woman’s statement, but Siegel says that the statement “says Bear-McClard did some troubling things.”

Ratajkowski didn’t say anything about Variety’s story, but the trade said that her friends said she wasn’t surprised by what was said about her ex-husband. Ratajkowski and her ex-husband broke up last fall after four years of marriage. When Variety tried to talk to Bear-McClard, he and the company that distributes Good Time and Uncut Gems said they had nothing to say.

A source told IndieWire that A24 didn’t know about the claims about Good Time when it signed the licensing deal for the movie and that no complaints were made about the 2019 drama Uncut Gems while it was being made. Conversely, Variety says that A24 signed Elara’s first-look deal in 2020, which is “well after the allegations became a hot topic among people who work on the movies.”