Video Highlights Tense Usher, Chris Brown Moment at Breezy’s Birthday Party

Friday night in Las Vegas, Chris Brown, and Usher reportedly got into a physical altercation that left the “Yeah!” singer with a bloodied nose.

All of this seems to have started at Breezy’s 34th birthday party, which had a roller skating theme. There, Brown is said to have mistreated artist Teyana Taylor. A video that TMZ got showed that this is when Usher stepped in, making Brown turn his anger away from Taylor and toward his close friend. The argument got worse and worse until the two men decided to take it outside. Usher went to meet Brown and his crew in a parking lot behind a group of buses. TMZ said that Usher came out a few minutes later with blood on his face, which led to rumors that Brown’s crew may have beat him up.

The two singers haven’t said anything about it yet. The people who work for them didn’t answer the phone, but both of them are set to play at the same music event on Sunday.