With ‘No New Album’ Released Since 2016, Rihanna Has Set a New Record on Spotify

Rihanna broke Spotify records even though she hasn’t put out any new music in years. She is the only female artist to have done this.

On Friday, the Grammy winner, who is 35 years old, admitted that she was the first woman to have 10 songs with more than 1 billion streams on Spotify.

In a tweet and an Instagram post, she talked about the achievement and called herself “Bad Gal billi,” recognizing that she is the youngest self-made female billionaire in the US.

She also said that she didn’t have a new record out at the time because her last one, Anti, came out in 2016.

Rihanna ended her post by saying, “Lemme talk my s—,” and she added emojis of a tongue sticking out and the flag of Barbados.

Rihanna has been feeling a lot of pressure to come out with new songs. She talked about this in the March issue of British Vogue. The singer said that her album Anti was her “most brilliant” and “most cohesive” work.

“There’s this pressure that I put on myself,” she told the magazine. “That if it’s not better than that then it is not even worth it.”

“It is toxic. It’s not the right way to look at music because music is an outlet and a space to create, and you can create whatever you want. It doesn’t have to even be on any scale. It just has to be something that feels good. It could just be a song that I like. It literally could be that simple,” she said.