A London Date Between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Has Set the City Ablaze

Recent rumors that actress Megan Fox and her artist boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly had broken up are put to rest by the sight of them on a date night in London.

Megan showed off her famous style when she went out with her boyfriend MGK. She looked hot in a white asymmetrical see-through tank top. She wore black pants with studs, a matching handbag, and platform heels when she and her friend went to Sparrow Italia.

The couple was seen out on a date in London, where the rapper left a big $2,000 tip for the wait staff.

Kelly, as usual, wore a large grey suit with no sleeves to show off his tattoos. He put the outfit together with a long chain necklace and black-and-white sneakers.

Since January 2022, when MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, got down on one knee to propose to Megan in Puerto Rico, they have been engaged. But there have been rumors that the two are no longer together.

But their most recent outing seems to have put an end to the rumors that they broke up, as the two were seen to be back together in the UK.

Megan and Kelly’s relationship first made people think they were breaking up in February when the actress shared some Beyoncé lines that hinted at cheating and then quickly deleted all of her lover’s social media posts.

Fans of the couple thought that cheating might be to blame, but Megan later said that there was no participation from a “third party.” Later, they were seen coming out of a marriage counseling office in California with stone faces. Ever since, the media has been reporting on their relationship.