A New Workout Video by Paul Mescal Has the Internet Reeling

The making of a Gladiator movie is in full swing, and lead actor Paul Mescal is also getting stronger.

The young actor has shared snippets of himself working out, which have gone popular on the internet. In these clips, he can be seen curling dumbbells and showing off his ripped body.

Fans raved about the 27-year-old’s big body on social media.

“No reaction. Speechless. Kinda shocked!” said one fan.

“Oh, he’s getting BUFF; we love to see it,” said someone else.

“SWEET JAYSUS,” wrote a third.

Mescal had said before that he didn’t like hearing about how he was getting bigger.

“With films like this and superhero films, there is sometimes a focus on that, which I don’t find that interesting,’ he said earlier this year. ‘Of course, there’s a physical robustness required for the character, but past that, I’m not interested,” the actor disclosed to THR.