A Video Featuring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Has Received Over 50 Million Views

The viral video of Batman actor Ben Affleck slamming a door in apparent fury as he walks his wife, Jennifer Lopez, to their car has been viewed by over fifty million people.

After getting married on July 16, 2022, in Las Vegas, Ben, and Jennifer frequently make headlines for their bizarre public displays of affection.

A new video on TikTok and Twitter shows the handsome actor walking his famous wife, Jennifer, to their car and then slamming the door.

The video was posted to Twitter with a caption saying that the character in the clip looked stressed, which got a lot of responses from fans.

Many people say funny things about the actor and director, who doesn’t like it when the media focus on him or his connection with the singer.

The original title of the TikTok was “Ben Affleck shows chivalry isn’t dead.” Someone on Twitter shared it and said, “That man looks STRESSED.”

In the clip, Ben and Lopez can be seen holding their drinks as they walk toward their car. Ben walks Jennifer to her car, opens the door, and then slams it shut with a wave of his hand.

Ben’s body language shows that he is upset. Later, the actor goes over to the driver’s side of the car and waves his hand at the person filming them to tell them to stop.