A YouTuber Cardi B Sued Has Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Tasha K, a famous YouTuber who was found guilty of defamation by a judge, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to stop having to pay Cardi B. The “WAP” rapper sued the person who made the video because she said in it that Cardi had STDs, which was not true and which Cardi rejected. Before going to court, Tasha had several chances to say she was sorry and take the video down from her YouTube page, but she didn’t. During her statement, a teary-eyed Cardi said that the salacious video made her feel embarrassed and sad, and that she was ashamed to kiss her child or be intimate with her husband, the rapper Offset. A judge ruled that Cardi should get $4 million. After Tasha didn’t pay her bills and made fun of Cardi online, Cardi increased garnishments and allegedly got Tasha’s checks from Google and YouTube. Now that Tasha has filed for bankruptcy, she must list all her assets and bills.

Radar Online says that Tasha wrote that she had between $50,000 and $100,000 in assets. She says that the total amount of her debts is between $1 million and $10 million. A 2021 Chevrolet Silverado worth $46,000, $2,750 worth of furniture, $500 worth of gadgets, $2,500 worth of clothes, including two Louis Vuitton purses and a Coach purse, and $500 worth of cash are some of the things she owns. She moved from Georgia to Florida not too long ago but still has a home in Georgia. Tasha also put down gold worth $6,000, like her wedding and engagement rings. She says she has a Chase bank account with less than $100 in it.

Concerning her debts, she owes $53k on her car, an unknown amount in back taxes to the IRS, $6k to American Express, an unknown amount in court fees, $3k to Bank of America, $5k to Discover Bank, and the judgment to Cardi. She has two children.

Tasha says that she and her husband have a combined monthly income of $30,000 and monthly costs of $22,000. This gives her an extra $7,000. Cardi has not said anything in public.

US Courts say that Chapter 11 “allows for reorganization, which usually involves a corporation or partnership.” Most of the time, a Chapter 11 debtor comes up with a plan of reorganization to keep its business going and pay its creditors over time. Chapter 11 can also help people who aren’t running a business.