According to Nike, Adidas ‘ Ignored’ Their Warnings Concerning Kanye West

Kanye West’s history with Nike and Adidas, two of the world’s major shoe manufacturers, is not without controversy.

But the first one let the second one know what the controversial rap star was up to.

Still, it was said that the German brand ignored the advice and focused on making money.

Bloomberg found out about the shocking news because the controversial rap star worked with Nike on his Air Yeezy shoes, which came out in 2009.

But in the end, Ye and the business had a fight.

At the time, the fashion magnate said that the multi-billion dollar company wouldn’t pay him royalties because he wasn’t a professional player.

But Nike’s four-year partnership with Ye was a hit, as his last pair of sneakers, which cost $245, sold out in eleven minutes in 2014.

Conversely, Adidas teamed up with West in 2013, and their first shoe came out in 2015.

The deal sent the company’s sales through the roof and gave the brand, up against Nike and Reebok, a bigger market share.

But the 45-year-old’s bad behavior worried the people who worked for the brand.

Bloomberg’s story shows that the company was dependent on the Grammy winner’s sneaker line, so executives had no choice but to put up with his bad behavior.

Also, multiple accounts suggested that the top people at Adidas were involved in downplaying or, worse, ignoring West’s strange behavior.

As Yeezy’s former members said in a Rolling Stone article, the brand was supposed to have changed because of Kanye West’s “problematic behavior,” but it didn’t. Instead, the brand “turned off their moral compass,” they said.

The Wall Street Journal gave the final blow, but the story revealed that Adidas’ top bosses had been thinking about the risks of working with the Grammy winner as early as 2018.