Actor Ethan Hawke Had Doubts About the Success of ‘Before Sunrise’ Before It Came Out

Before the series came out Before Sunrise, actor Ethan Hawke didn’t think people would care about it. The star says he wasn’t even sure the movies would be released.

“It’s not like I don’t want praise, prizes, money, and fire engines,” the actor told Daveed Diggs of Interview magazine. I want everything, but I also know how to listen to the water and to myself.

“I remember when I was doing those movies with Richard Linklater, for example, the ‘Before’ trilogy or ‘Boyhood,’ I didn’t even know if they would come out. One part of my brain thought, ‘Oh, people are going to love this.’ And another part of me thought, ‘Nobody’s going to be interested in this.’ I didn’t care. I knew I was interested in it and could hear that voice.”

The star also said that he was wrong every time he sold out and worked on a movie he thought would be a hit. The actor said that people like Bob Dylan and Spike Lee, who stayed true to who they were, gave him ideas.

The actor also said that in this way, he’s like Rickard Linklater, who told him that people would “care” about Before Sunrise because the ‘human link’ at the heart of the story will appeal to them.

Richard Linklater is the director of all three films of the Before trilogy, which are all American romantic comedies. It starts with Before Sunrise and has two more parts, Before Sunset and Before Midnight. In all three movies, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy play important roles.