Actors Who Play Villains in Films Receive Constant Criticism

Actors’ responses on social media are normal, but some stars’ rants hurt so much that they have to leave the internet to avoid having a nervous breakdown.

Even stars who are so good at playing bad guys on TV or in movies end up getting hate on social media. Faye Marsay, who played the Waif in the successful drama, is the only person who may possibly know this.

The actress from the fantasy show Game of Thrones said she had to “take a step back” from the internet because of all the negative comments about her part in the show.

In an interview with The Independent, Faye Marsay talked about how fans were so angry about how her character treated Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) that she had to “take a step back” from the internet.

“Just because of the character I played. The fans hated her. Because Maisie’s character was, like, the one – and there I am, hitting her with a stick.”

“Social media can be a brutal tool, and we all know it. Look at the mental health crisis that young people are going through right now — that’s not just because of the pandemic or teenage angst,” said a member of The Andor cast.

Marsay’s co-star on Game of Thrones, Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie in the TV series adaptation of The Last of Us, also endured a barrage of online harassment. The actress told The New York Times that the vicious online attacks they endured when the news broke severely damaged their self-esteem.