Adele Accuses a Security Worker of Bullying a Fan at a Vegas Show

Adele, a popular singer known for her strong voices, stopped her show on Saturday right before she was going to sing “Water Under the Bridge.”

Adele stopped the show suddenly and told her band to stop so she could look at what was going on in the crowd.

Her sharp eyes saw a fan who seemed to be getting hassled by security staff for no reason.

The singer wanted to know why the interruption happened and asked the fan why security was getting in the way.

She had seen the person being watched by security for most of the time she was on stage.

Not happy with the answer she got, she made a quick decision and told the security staff to stop what they were doing and leave the fan alone.

She made a point of saying that everyone in the crowd, including the fan in question, was there to enjoy the show and shouldn’t be stopped from doing so.

Another video angle gives a broader view of the situation and shows the security guard who was participating.

People think that the man’s choice to stand up during the show could have caused the fight.

The musician sent out a strong challenge by saying, “I dare you. Dare you throw something at me, and I’ll deal with it.”

Adele even armed herself with a T-shirt gun to bring attention to the fact that a different method was needed.