Adidas Pays Kanye West ‘Royalties’

Adidas may still have to pay Kanye West fees because it will sell some of the Yeezys that haven’t sold yet.

According to Sportskeeda, the parties used to agree that each sneaker sold would earn them 15% of the sale price.

Contrary to reports, the CEO who was in trouble, Bjrn Gulden, didn’t say anything about it. But the boss of the company had said before that when the sneakers were sold, the rapper would get a cut.

Gulden said that the money made from the popular brand would be given to the charity.

But fans are thrilled because they say the controversial rap star has brought the multibillion-dollar business to its knees.

The 45-year-old’s extreme racism made the company cut ties with him in October.

After that, the brand was haunted by huge losses. There were as many as $1.3 billion of unsold Yeezys, and this year’s running profits were only $534 million.

Not only that, but the company’s CEO said West was brilliant in defending the company’s ties to him, even though there had been reports of his “erratic behavior.”

“As difficult as he was, he is perhaps the most creative mind in our industry,” the CEO of the company said at the annual meeting of shareholders.

When Adidas announced its plan to sell Yeezys, fans of Grammy winners were excited and shared their thoughts on social media.