Aja Volkman, Wife of Imagine Dragons Singer Dan Reynolds, Has Filed for Divorce

Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds and his former wife Aja Volkman have taken their breakup to the next level by filing for divorce, Billboard has confirmed. The news first came out on TMZ.

The papers were filed at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 18. At the time of press, neither side had said anything.

The petition was filed several months after Reynolds and Volkman, the band’s main singer Nico Vega and a musician in her own right, announced they were divorcing and planning to co-parent their children. The two broke up in 2018, but by 2019 they said they were trying to get back together.

In September, the Grammy winner announced on Twitter that he and his longtime partner of “many beautiful years” were no longer together. “Being great parents to our children is our number one priority. Thank you for always supporting us with love and care for all these years.”

In March 2011, Reynolds and Volkman got married. During their 12 years of marriage, they had four kids: Arrow, who is 10, twins Gia James and Coco Rae, who are 5, and Valentine, who is 2.

After announcing their breakup in 2022, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons went on The Howard Stern Show and talked about how he felt. “I love her. She is my best friend, and an incredible mother, and we are going to be great parents to our kids. Relationships are so complex — here we are, at the close of a chapter, and it feels hard. It feels like mourning for me. But it also feels like I’m just on the path I’m supposed to be on in life.” he said.