Al Pacino Thinks His Baby Mama Noor Alfallah Wants to ‘Trap’ Him

Al Pacino thinks that his girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, who is 54 years younger than him, is playing a trick on him by getting pregnant.

A source told Star Magazine that the actor from “The Godfather” has doubts about his girlfriend’s plans just days after she gave birth to their fourth child.

The rumor that Pacino was not sure he was the father of Alfallah’s kid was confirmed by a source who said that Pacino had asked for a paternity test.

“Al was stunned by the baby news and didn’t believe he could ever get anyone pregnant,” the person said. “He requested a paternity test.

Pacino has a medical condition that made him doubt that he could ever have a child. He asked Alfallah to take a DNA test, which she agreed to do and found out that he was the father of the kid.

The news source said that Pacino had trouble accepting the test result at the time, and now that his son is here, he has doubts about his lover.

Pacino became a father at age 83. He thinks that Alfallah’s pregnancy has tied him to her for “the rest of his life.”

A source said, “Behind the scenes, he does feel that Noor is trying to trap him. The relationship was casual by his account, and now he’ll be tied to this woman for the rest of his life.”

But Alfallah comes from a rich family and has a lot of money of her own, which she made as a film producer, so it’s hard to believe she has bad intentions.

Last week, the actor’s rep revealed that his son was born and that he and his wife named him Roman Pacino. The rep also said, “No other statement or comments will be provided.”