Aliens Flock to a Tylor Swift Performance in Florida

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour was so popular that she might have had aliens join in. At the end of last week, she had a huge crowd at Tampa, Florida’s Raymond James Stadium.

A lot of Floridians loved the concert even when they were outside the stadium. They pulled out their phones to take pictures of strange things happening in the sky while Swift was on stage. Some people even started screaming, “Aliens are coming to join Swift.”

Even though it’s funny now, a worried resident shared a video to TikTok that showed a wide band of lights moving across a cloudy sky. The voice in the video was full of fear. You have to see it. She keeps yelling, “Bro, what the f***?”

Almost everyone who looked at the sky that night knew that Taylor Swift was performing nearby, but they were sure that the lights in question were not from her show and were instead from something from another world. At one point in the video, a woman can be heard saying, “That is not Taylor Swift!”

Oh yes! People thought that the lights of Swift’s concert were UFOs. The lighting effect they were looking at was from her show, but with all the talk about UFOs lately, they thought it was a UFO.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has been praised by fans and reviewers alike in the weeks since it began, solidifying her place as one of the biggest pop stars in the world.