Alleged Rape Victim Sues Backstreet Boy Nick Carter

A singer named Melissa Schuman has filed a new lawsuit against Nick Carter over an incident that happened in 2002 in Santa Monica, California. In the lawsuit, Schuman accuses Carter of sexual assault and battery.

The entertainer, who is 43 years old, was accused by Schuman, who is 38, of forcing her to perform and receive oral sex when he was 22 and she was 18. TMZ saw the documents.

Schuman told the outlet that Carter was her first sexual partner, even though she had told him she didn’t want to have sex until she was married.

More than five years ago, Schuman, a former member of the group Dream, filed a police report against Carter at the Santa Monica Police Department, but prosecutors did not pursue the case at the time.

Schuman filed the new lawsuit based on a new law in California that lets the time limit for civil actions be lifted. She wants a judge to look at the information in the case.

Carter has said that nothing Schuman said about him is true.

TMZ said that in February, Carter sued Shannon Ruth for $2.3 million and named Schuman as a defendant. Ruth has also said that Carter sexually assaulted her.

In the lawsuit he filed, Carter said that Schuman helped Ruth try to get money from him, which he says has cost him millions of dollars in lost wages.

In a statement to TMZ about the latest legal moves, his lawyer, Liane K. Wakayama, said, “Melissa Schuman has been spreading this story for many years, but her claim was false when she first made it in 2017, and it still is.”

Wakayama told the outlet, “A judge in Nevada recently ruled, after looking at the large amount of evidence we gave, that Nick Carter has strong grounds to go forward with his lawsuit against Ms. Schuman for plotting to hurt, defame, and try to get money from Nick, his associates, his friends, and his family.”

Carter’s lawyer said that Schuman’s latest legal move in connection with the alleged assault is “predictable and pitiful” as the case in Nevada continues to move forward.

She called Schuman’s latest filing a “PR stunt” and promised that it won’t stop the singer from being “determined to hold Ms. Schuman and her co-conspirators accountable for the unimaginable pain and suffering their extortionate behavior has caused.”