Amanda Bynes Released 3 Weeks After Mental Hospital Admission

TMZ reported Tuesday that Amanda Bynes has reportedly been released from a mental hospital. This update comes approximately three weeks after her initial admission for treatment. Following her discharge from the hospital, Byne is expected to begin outpatient treatment.

On Monday, Bynes was reportedly released from the facility in Southern California. TMZ reports that Bynes and her doctors have given the OK for her to resume her regular activities. The actor will now begin outpatient treatment following her release. This course of treatment will require Bynes to collaborate with physicians and specialists in order to receive the necessary assistance. TMZ reports that Bynes will be able to receive outpatient treatment without having to leave her home, so she can continue living independently as she did before her hospitalization.

Bynes’s nude stroll through the streets of LA made headlines in March. She reportedly flagged down a passing vehicle and dialed 911 herself to report that she was experiencing psychotic symptoms and needed assistance. It was later reported that Bynes may have lived on the streets for several days prior to receiving assistance. On March 15, her vehicle was reportedly towed from Long Beach, approximately 40 miles from her residence. According to TMZ, her car did not have gas when it was towed, and Bynes did not have her cell phone with her.

Bynes was released from the conservatorship that her parents had placed her under in 2013 approximately one year prior to this incident. She later told Entertainment Tonight in March 2022 that the termination of the conservatorship was “wonderful news.”