Angelina Jolie’s Daughter Brad Pitt, Hollywood’s ‘Most Down-To-Earth’ Star Kid

Despite having two of the most famous people in the world as parents, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has been called the “most down to earth” celebrity kid in Hollywood.

A person close to the 16-year-old told Life & Style she doesn’t want to use her parents’ money and wants to be financially independent.

The source said that Shiloh is “one of the most down-to-earth kids in Hollywood,” and that the teenager is “surprisingly well-adjusted.”

“She insists on earning her own money, buys most of her clothes from vintage shops, and has friends from all walks of life,” a source said.

The insider said, “She’s mature for her age,” and then went on to talk about her interests and hobbies by saying, “Shiloh is all about the arts—acting, dancing, singing, and DJing.”

“She is even working with Brad producing and directing a movie,” the report said, referring to the actor from Babylon.

The person added that Shiloh also wants to see the whole world. “She’s caught the travel bug and fallen in love with Europe,” a friend said.

Eventually, she wants to live in New York so she can be closer to some of her favorite places, like Italy and Spain.

“Shiloh is very outgoing. She’s definitely not a little kid anymore. It’s like she grew up overnight.”

Also, the insider said that the girl had been offered several modeling jobs, but she doesn’t want to be a model. However, she might take the job if it pays well.

A source said, “She’s been offered lucrative modeling gigs, which she’s mulling over. Shiloh says modeling isn’t her thing, but she would use the paycheck to finance her dance, art, and movie projects.”