Arctic Monkeys Were Criticized for a ‘Mediocre’ Set at Glastonbury

People who went to the Glastonbury event were disappointed when the headliners, Arctic Monkeys, put on a “mediocre” show. Fans had been looking forward to their 90-minute main set on the Pyramid stage, but they were bored the whole time.

To make matters worse, some fans were even seen yawning while the show was going on. Alex Turner, the lead singer of the band, played some of their biggest hits, like “R U Mine” and “Mardy Bum,” but the crowd was still left asking what the “hell was going on?”

The lead singer sang many of the big songs at a much slower pace than the originals. Fans said this made it hard to sing along. Alex just got better from a severe case of laryngitis.

They took the stage a few hours after the Foo Fighters did a surprise show. The Foo Fighters did a good job with their surprise performance, and some people thought they should have been the main act instead.

Several people took to Twitter to voice their disappointment. One person wrote: “I fell in love with the Arctic Monkeys because of the energy and excitement in the songs. That performance was too slow for me. Still, some bangers played, though.”

Another person said, “Awful performance; what the hell going on with them?! Glad I didn’t get tickets to any of their gigs this time around.”