Are Amy Robach and TJ Holmes Losing Viewers

Good Morning America’s former hosts, T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, haven’t been on TV for a long time, which may have hurt their bond with viewers.

In an interview with The US Sun, Eric Schiffer, the head of the Los Angeles-based company Reputation Management Consultants, said that the fact that the controversial couple keeps disappearing from the airwaves could make people wonder how much they care about them.

“The longer either is off the air, the half-life decay occurs with broadcast personalities, and you lose your audience’s emotional tie. And because of that, your sense of worth slowly goes down,” the PR guru told the tabloid.

Moreover, Holmes and Robach allegedly continue to lag behind in the fight to reclaim their former positions as anchors.

“It’s been crickets,” the PR pro said.

In other news, Robach and Holmes left GMA3, but ABC hasn’t found a stable replacement yet.

It looks like the network is trying new things by putting temporary hosts in the places of the anchors who used to be permanent.

After this, well-known teacher Jess Sims is the most recent person to join the morning show.

Jess, who had over 500,000 Instagram fans, joined the GMA team for real.