Are Taylor Swift and Matty Healy Dating After Her Breakup with Joe Alwyn

After six years of dating, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn recently broke up, leaving fans wondering who the Folklore singer is seeing now.

Fans of Swift, who call themselves “Swifties,” have made the connection that the singer of “Lavender Haze” is seeing Matty Healy, lead singer of the band The 1975.

Swifties, who are good at finding Swift’s well-hidden clues, seem to be sure that the pop star is dating Matty.

Swift and Matty have been seen together several times. The most recent time was in January 2023, when the Bejeweled singer surprised fans by showing up at the band’s show in London and singing “This City” and “Anti-Hero.”

Swift’s fans have found more proof that the singer of Midnights and Joe broke up on April 8, which is Matty’s birthday.

Matty, on the other hand, seemed to add to the rumors by mentioning Swift in a speech he gave on stage.

When talking about his decision to stop using social media, he said, “Everything happens in eras.”

“The 1975 is a very eras band. The era of me being an expletive is coming to an end,” he added.

Swifties are excited about the new power couple that might be coming together. One fan wrote, “I’m not kidding when I say that Taylor Swift and Matty Healy are going to start dating now.”

“Matty Healy and Taylor Swift are both single at the same time in the same universe!” said someone else.

A third person wrote, “Joe and Taylor Swift broke up. “OMG, Matty Healy is going to take his shot at last!”