Ariana Grande Talks About Her ‘All-Consuming’ Grief Over Mac Miller’s Death

In an exclusive conversation with Vogue for their August 2019 cover story, Ariana Grande, who used to date Mac Miller, talked about how she felt about his untimely death and what it made her think about.

Grande said in the interview that she was very sad about Miller’s death and that, even though their relationship wasn’t perfect, he was “the best person ever” and didn’t deserve the inner struggles he went through.

She said that she had been a steadying force in their relationship, but that after he died, she felt like the pieces of her life were falling apart.

In the Vogue profile, Grande’s sadness over Miller’s death is talked about in depth. Her grief is described as “pretty all-consuming.”

Miller was a junkie for most of his public life, but he looked healthy and happy in his last days, which makes his death even more shocking.

Notably, Miller had a breakdown after they broke up, which led some of his fans to blame Grande.

After he died, she also had to deal with a lot of mean statements. Grande said that most people don’t realize how hard it is behind the scenes, how many years of work, love, and battles it takes, and how tired it makes you.

She said that the tweet came from a place of complete defeat and that she had told him many times about this happening and worked hard over the years to keep their relationship strong.

Grande put her feelings about Miller’s death in September into her No. 1 record, Thank U, Next, even though she said she doesn’t remember much about making it because she was “so drunk” and “so sad.”