Ariana Madix Has Been the Victim of Tom Sandoval’s Serial Infidelity

Vanderpump Rules alum Tom Sandoval hurt his long-time girlfriend, Ariana Madix, by cheating on her, and Jax Taylor is very angry about it.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor said, “The worst is the lack of empathy he has.” He also said, “He’s making a joke of it, putting it in his songs. It’s almost like he’s getting off on this a little bit. That’s where it’s next-level sociopathic. Tom has definitely cheated on Ariana many, many times.”

In the second part of the three-part reunion special for the reality show, Tom Sandoval’s behavior was looked at.

The TomTomowner’s outbursts were seen when he tried and failed repeatedly to talk to Raquel Leviss off-camera.

On social media, fans are giving their own ideas about what these changes mean.

“I’m in a very tough spot right now,” one man said. “LMAO, stop VanderpumpRules!”

“Sandoval is going crazy because they won’t let him play with Raquel when the cameras aren’t on. Keep rolling those cams. “#VanderpumpRules #pumprules,” said someone else.

“‘We haven’t lied about anything except this affair,’” VanderpumpRules said in the scandalous trailer, “is a WILD thing to say.”

“Raquel doesn’t like how it looks that she broke up a real relationship at home #pumprulesreunion #VanderpumpRules,” said someone else.