Arkansas Woman Indicted for Selling $11,000 Stolen Body Parts

A guy she met on Facebook is accusing an Arkansas woman of selling him 20 boxes of stolen body parts from medical school corpses for $11,000.

Candice Chapman Scott, who was 36 years old, worked at Arkansas Central Mortuary Services, where she got body parts from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock. The charge says that Scott met Jeremy Lee Pauley, a Pennsylvania resident, in 2021 when she started offering to sell him remains from the university over Facebook. In Pauley’s first message, Scott reportedly asked, “Just out of curiosity, do you know anyone who wants to buy a fully intact, embalmed brain?” Scott has said she is not guilty after being charged on April 5. On Friday, the charges against her were made public in a federal court in Little Rock. She is charged with 12 counts, including conspiracy to commit mail fraud and mail fraud. She is also charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud.