Astonishing Discovery of Roman Aristocrat’s Remains from Lead Coffin

In England, the remains of a Roman nobleman estimated to be older than one thousand years have been discovered. Last year, archaeologists unearthed the aristocrat in a lead coffin, together with the bones of 62 others from the Roman and early Anglo-Saxon periods, from a hitherto unknown site in a secluded cemetery in Northern England. David Hunter, chief archaeologist for West Yorkshire Joint Services, told CNN on Monday, “We certainly received more than we bargained for.” According to Hunter, the lead coffin the nobleman was discovered in is “very rare” and indicates “it’s a very high-status Roman body.” Hunter also stated that the mix of ancient societies at the burial site is “quite exceptional.” Hunter stated in a press release: “This has the potential to be a discovery of enormous relevance for our understanding of the evolution of ancient Britain and Yorkshire.”