Baekhyun of EXO seems to diss his management Company, SM Entertainment

Baekhyun of the K-pop group EXO is getting attention for his latest Instagram post, which seems to throw shade at his agency, SM Entertainment, before the group’s comeback.

Baekhyun was one of the many idols who learned and debuted with SM Entertainment. He recently said that he, Chen, and Xiumin are suing the agency to get out of their contracts.

Even though there was a lot of drama, it was announced that all of the group’s members would be part of their highly awaited comeback. On June 12, they put out a pre-release song called “Let Me In.” Its emotional sound and beautiful visuals made it a hit with fans.

Soon after that, a poster on their social media page gave all the information about what was going to happen when they came back. Like most idols, Baekhyun shared the poster with his fans, and they noticed that he had tilted it diagonally.

At first, they thought it was done for looks, but they soon noticed that the only thing missing from the poster was the SM Entertainment logo. Soon, fans laughed about the small detail on social media, saying that the hero did it because of their ongoing case.