Bahiyyih of the K-Pop Band Kep1er Opens Out About Her Celebrity Friendships

Bahiyyih, a member of the K-pop band Kep1er, talks about how she makes friends with other stars. Even though she is new, her fans call her a “social butterfly.” She is best friends with Eunchae from Le SSerafim, who is also a rookie.

Eunchae asked Bahiyyih how she makes friends with so many people, but Bahiyyih joked and asked Eunchae how she makes friends with so few people. She then gave a more serious answer and advice: “You can approach them first! Try it.”

Eunchae said that it’s weird for shy people like her to walk up to a stranger and ask for their phone number. Bahiyyih then said, “I once wrote my number on a note to someone.”

Eunchae is promoting the new record by her band Le Sserafim, called “Unforgiven,” which came out on May 1. The same-named lead track of their album has been getting a lot of attention on social media.

It is their first full-length studio record, and it has 12 songs. Some of the songs are older, like “Blue Flame” and “Antifragile,” while others, like “Unforgiven” and “Fire in the Belly,” are more recent.