BamBam of GOT7 Says One Thing Irritates Him in South Korea

BamBam from the K-pop group GOT7 talked about the one thing about living in South Korea that bothers him. The rapper moved to the country when he was young and started his music career as a trainee at JYP Entertainment when he was thirteen.

He talked about a problem he has a lot with Minnie from the girl group G-Idle, who is also Thai, while they were cooking. He told them that the trouble is how much Thai food costs. He said that he usually makes it at home because Thai green papaya salad, called som tam, is so expensive in places.

“Honestly, there is one thing that annoys me in Korea. Thai restaurants in Korea sell som tam for KRW 15,000 (about $11.40 USD).”

The price of the food can be up to ten times what it would be in Thailand. BamBam also said that the food costs between 300 and 400 bhat in Korea. But it only costs 30 bhat in Thailand, which is 1,000 KRW (about $0.76 USD).

Minnie said that another thing that bothers her is that it’s hard to get products. For example, she can’t find anywhere to buy limes, which are often used in Thai food.

BamBam has gotten pretty good at making som tam because he has to do it so often. Minnie says, “BamBam makes really good som tam.”