Barbie’s Ryan Gosling Lists His Top 10 Ken-Energy Requirements

Ryan Gosling, who plays Barbie’s famous friend Ken, recently got in the spotlight to talk about his top 10 “Kencentials.” These are items that are important for getting into the spirit of Ken.

In a funny video for GQ, Gosling, who is known for his parts in popular movies like “La La Land” and “Drive,” gave a list of must-have items to tap into the mysterious “Kenergy” of Ken.

Gosling’s list started with the lightning helmet, a key piece of gear that is stylish and useful for people wanting to be Ken.

Sunglasses were one of the most important things on Gosling’s list. Kens was told to always have at least two pairs with him.

A Ken clutch that looked like the boxes Kens comes in was made as a warning to break away from social norms and live up to Ken’s full potential.

Gosling says that watches are a sign of being busy and important. Even though he knew that Kens might not always have a full schedule, he stressed the importance of keeping up the Ken persona by looking busy and focused.

Even though Gosling only had one book in his hand, people said that Kens needed books to give the impression that they were interested in many things.

As a self-described beach Ken, Gosling thought a surfboard was important to show scale and make Ken look like a real person.

Gosling’s crazy list continued with roller blades, which he insisted on always having with him because his Ken’s Barbie likes to rollerblade. He made a joke about how important it was to always have them by repeating Barbie’s question, “Did you bring your rollerblades?”

To keep his name in the mix, Gosling gave Ken a pair of underwear with his name written big on it.

A fake mink coat made the list as an item that can define a Ken when his thoughts, experiences, or achievements don’t do the job.

The Ken fanny pack, a stylish item with Ken’s name in Metallica font, made the list because it can be worn in many different ways.

Gosling ended his list with a heartfelt reminder that behind every great Barbie is a Ken who is happy with his supporting part. Gosling said that he loves being “just Ken,” and he stressed how important it is to be by Barbie’s side and help her when she needs it.

Gosling’s talk was full of the fun and wit that are his trademarks, and it gave a glimpse into the world of Kens.