BBC Will Confer with Police Regarding a Presenter’s Payment for Sexual Pictures from Teenager

The BBC and the cops will get together to figure out if the presenter who paid a crack-addicted teenager £35,000 for sexual photos actually broke the law.

He was finally fired about two months after the family of the victim first told the BBC about the case.

The well-known host was said to have called the teenager the week before, which led to the ban. He allegedly asked the subject, “What have you done?” and told them to tell their mother to “stop the investigation.”

The host is no longer on the show because it is said that he gave thousands of pounds to a teenager who was addicted to crack and is now 20 years old. After finding out about the payments, the victim’s mother said she went to the BBC and asked them to tell the reporter to “stop sending cash.”

She also said she saw a picture of the man in a video call where he only wore his boxer shorts and “leaning forward, getting ready for my child to perform for him.”

If the accusations are true, they could lead to a number of crimes, since the victim’s family says the payments started when the child was only 17 years old.