Bebe Rexha Fan Explains Phone Throwing Incident, Saying It Was for Fun

On Sunday, a guy from New Jersey threw a phone at singer Bebe Rexha during her show in New York. Now, we know more about what happened.

Nicolas Malvagna, who lives in New Jersey, was brought before a court in New York City on Monday. He is being charged with several minor assault and harassment crimes.

He is said to have thrown his phone at Bebe Rexha, who is best known for her hit song “I’m Good.” Malvagna, who is 27 years old, said in a criminal charge that The Times looked at on Tuesday that he threw the phone at the stage for fun.

Malvagna told the police, “I was trying to see if I could hit her with the phone at the end of the show because it would be funny.”

According to the lawsuit, Rexha was left with redness, swelling, bruises, a cut in her eye, and a lot of pain after the phone hit her.

So far, Malvagna’s lawyer hasn’t said anything about what happened.

Malvagna was let go on his own promise, and the Manhattan district attorney told him to stay away from Rexha. A full temporary order of protection was also given to Rexha. The next time Malvagna will be in court is on July 31.