Bebe Rexha Protects Herself by Donning Protective Eyewear

At a recent show, a fan threw a phone at Bebe Rexha, which cut her deep just above the eye.

Now, the singer wears glasses to protect her eyes from being hurt in the same way again.

Local radio station 102.7 KIIS FM used Instagram to show how pop stars wear their glasses.

“Best *** night of my life ily,” says the comment on the radio station.

You can hear the singer sing “I’m Good (Blue).”

As netizens helped her stay safe during the show, one fan said, “Wearing them safety glasses cause she ain’t playing no more!”

A 27-year-old guy was caught and charged with assault because he threw the phone at the singer.

A spokesman for the New York Police Department told a PA news agency that the person being charged is Nicolas Malvagna, who is from New Jersey. Malvagna was caught on Sunday.

But the person’s lawyer said, “Nicolas, like many other fans, was hoping to interact in some way with Ms. Rexha as the phone was returned. It was never his intention to injure Ms. Rexha in any way.”