Before Breaking Up with Taylor Swift, Matty Healy Planned a Long-Term Relationship

Recent rumors say that Matty Healy wanted to marry and have kids with Taylor Swift before they broke up after one month.

According to reports, the 1975 frontman has told friends and family that he can’t wait to be married to the singer and “have children” with her.

Closer Magazine said that the controversial singer had plans to be with Swift for a long time before they decided to break up.

A source told the Magazine right before it came out that the two had broken up and that Healy was serious about his relationship with Swift.

“Matty’s telling the world this is the real deal – they’re building a long-term future, and marriage and kids are his goal, assuming it all works out,” said a source.

On the other hand, Swift’s close friends thought that Healy was a “rebound” for her after she broke up with Joe Alwyn, even though they thought the relationship had “potential for something more.”

The outlet also said that Matty was trying to “play things coy” in public but wasn’t “holding back” when talking to close friends and family about his relationship.

A source said, “He’s letting it be known just how smitten he is and that it’s the most serious he’s been about a romance for an extremely long time, if ever.”

Healy even said that he and Swift could have the same “whirlwind, long-lasting” success that some Hollywood stars have had.

After the story came out, TMZ confirmed that Swift and Healy had broken up because both of them were “incredibly busy” with tours.