Ben Affleck Addresses Misconception About His ‘Un-Happy Looking Resting Face’

Ben Affleck, who is often mistaken for being unhappy at social events because he has a “very unhappy face,” finally spoke out about the mistake.

The director and star of Air (2023) recently went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and talked about the “misconception” that he doesn’t have fun at social events like press conferences, award shows, and even holiday parties.

Jennifer Lopez’s husband, who became a meme when a video of him arguing with his singer wife at the 2023 Grammys went viral, has now dispelled the idea that he’s always unhappy at events.

During the interview, Jimmy said Ben always seemed so sad, even at his Christmas party in 2022.

Jimmy said, “It seemed like you weren’t as excited about the party as everyone else.”

Ben answered quickly to the charge. “See? People often think that about me,” he said.

Ben said, “When I’m at rest, my face looks very sad,” and then he showed his “happy” and “amused” faces.

Ben laughed to himself as he said, “That’s how God made me.” “I did it, but you don’t have to punish me.”

Ben said in another part of the interview that he is aware of the internet fame of “Sad Affleck.”

“Sometimes I’ve been the subject of a meme,” he said.