Ben Affleck Calls Wife Jennifer Lopez the ‘Best Artist in the World’

Ben Affleck raved about his wife Jennifer Lopez’s songs when he was promoting his movie Air.

Affleck and Matt Damon are promoting their new movie Air, about how Nike courted Michael Jordan. The movie opens in theaters on April 5, and Lopez was with Affleck at the premiere and in the interviews.

During a podcast interview, the Hypnotic actor was asked about the two songs that JLo wrote about him.

Affleck talked about how he feels about his partner and said how much he admires the Bronx diva.

“The songs that have been written about me were written by Jennifer Lopez, who is the best artist in the history of the world,” said Affleck.

The Puerto Rican-born New York star wrote the song Dear Ben for her album This is Me.

The other song, which will be on the new album This is Me and is called “Dear Ben Part II,”…


Affleck thinks that the songs are about the two stages of their relationship, the one they had before and the one they have now. He doesn’t think that the songs are about him as a person.